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Amy Sterling Casil
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Amy Sterling Casil

Amy Sterling Casil

The best science fiction author you never heard of.
Until now.

I have been reading science fiction since the 1960s. Recently, I’ve discovered the best author in the genre I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong—the classic sci fi writers created amazing tales, and transcendent works of imaginations. But overall, Clarke, Asimov and the others were thin on character. They were great story tellers—but, face it, not great writers.

Better compared to Ray Bradbury, Casil writes with feeling and command of the craft. Sometimes intimate in scope, her work bursts with emotion and humanity. She never lets you forget this is a strange and challenging universe we live in. And we live in it with the strengths and weaknesses common to our species.

I urge you to read her work, starting with a compelling short story called Jonny Pumpkinhead, featured in one of her short story books (and elsewhere).

There will be a blog coming soon. I will be writing on it only intermittently, but I hope you will enjoy!